The TS Difference

Why We Take the Time to Warm Up at TS


If you walk into the average fitness studio or do an at-home workout video, you’ll notice that most of them warm you up with exercises such as jumping jacks, high knees and even sprints.

At TS Fitness we think a warm up should be a little different and we prioritize it just like the workout itself. As a matter of fact, this is the primary reason we don’t let latecomers in five minutes after class has begun. The beginning of the workout is the time to mobilize your joints individually and as groups. We do activation drills to help create a connection between the mind and the body.  We also start each workout with breathing, one of the most efficient and under focused ways to get a great workout, stay strong and minimize injury.

This is because getting your nervous system prepared for exercise is vital. Jumping into quick movements is a shock to your nerves and doesn’t allow your body to get the maximum benefit from exercise. It also increases the chances of injury. Keep in mind; your body is going to feel differently every day. This depends on how you slept, how you’ve been eating, and other daily stressors. Getting yourself mentally prepared for the workout is important as well. After all if you already have a defeatist mindset going in to the workout, you know that you’re not going to perform at your ultimate best.
We have had clients tell us that they feel more confident doing our workouts because of the attention and programming we put in our warm ups.
This all stems down to the coaches who make sure to stay up to date on their fitness education. We use all these important components to give you a fulfilling experience at TS and hopefully teach you some important things along the way.

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Client of the Month – Pam Ramdass

I met Pam at a chiropractor’s office back in 2012. At the time, she was going through some really difficult personal struggles and the stress was taking a serious toll on both her body and spirit. The Dr. introduced me to her, in hopes I could help her with some strength coaching. We had a long and emotional conversation that day, and from then on she was determined not to be a victim of poor health. She decided that her health was going to be priority #1.

When we started together at TS Fitness, her main fitness goal was to be able to walk down the street with her daughter without losing her breath. A simple pleasure that most of us take for granted.

If you know Pam now, you know Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 1.39.18 PMshe get’s around even faster than her daughter, Jen! She’s able to make it to an evening workout and then rush to the train station to make it back home in a timely manner AND she does it without struggling to catch her breath; something she could never have done before.

Not only has she inspired her daughter to train with us, she’s been an inspiration to her whole extended family and many clients here at the studio. Her family regularly seeks out her health advice and she’s proud to offer them her many holistic health remedies, delicious salad recipes on Facebook, and secret all-natural beauty tricks. She’s recently decided to try a Paleo diet and has had a lot of fun creating beautiful dishes for herself, her family, and even our coaches!

   salad 4     salad 1

Salad 5

salad 3






She’s naturally a mentor, offering feel-good advice and giving her love and kindness to everyone she meets. We are lucky to have her as a client and words cannot express how proud we are of how far she has come.


Noam Tamir, CSCS

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March’s Client of the Month: John Lyle in TS Fitness Style

The first time I metnoam_john John Lyle was at Crunch on 59th street & 2nd Avenue in 2002.  More than 13 years later he is still working with me at my own fitness studio TS Fitness, about half a block from where we first met.   John and I quickly connected and found we had a lot in common aside from having a love for fitness.  His southern humor always made me laugh.  Our workouts were intense but John would always find a way to get some good jokes in while gasping for air. Knowing each other for so long – we’ve both been there for each other through the ups and downs of life and the pressure and pleasure of owning your own businesses.

John’s a lover of jazz, mexican food and of course fashion.  Born in Mississippi he is the owner of John Lyle Design, a collection of beautifully designed interiors, furniture and accessories.  He has a wonderful show room in the Flatiron District and his office is located in Long Island City.   He has been a great catalyst for getting his fiancé, Edwin, back to the gym and he’s done the same for his assistant, Kory, who used to have chronic back pain and is now a regular at TS Fitness.


With our semi-private coaching sessions John is always welcoming and engaging to all new and current clients.  He definitely gets the atmosphere going and you can find him cooling off by the fan after a heavy set of front squats.  A big thank you to John for being such an amazing part of TS Fitness and congratulations on being our March client of the month!

In health, strength & happiness,

Noam & The TS Fitness Team

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A Trip to Drive 495

Last Monday, the TS Team had an opportunity to meet with an exceptional, and unique physical therapist, Connor Ryan, from a sports-based practice called Drive 495 in SoHo. Connor uses a system based on PRI, the practice of restoring functional posture, and he strongly believes in the healing benefits of breathing techniques. He can tie a connection from body dysfunction to faulty breathing patterns for many individuals coming to him for therapy. In our meeting, he challenged our anatomy knowledge, tested our own breathing patterns, and helped us understand why breathing can both heal, and cause disfunction in the body.

I was blown away by both his knowledge of the body and passion for helping us learn.

We worked with Connor for probably an hour and a half and just barely skimmed the surface of what he does for his clients. I knew I wanted more time to work with him and learn more about his breathing theories. There was just so much I had yet to understand.

With so much information we had left to cover, Connor graciously and enthusiastically invited us to his studio to continue our workshop. We hoped Connor could provide a different approach to some chronic shoulder discomfort i’ve had for a long time due to mild scoliosis. I was hopeful, intrigued, yet a little skeptic since i’ve seen a number of physical therapists in the past. Connor picked back up right where he left off with his enthusiasm in teaching us what he was looking for.

First, he put me through an SFMA assessment, a movement based diagnostic system designed to clinically assess fundamental movement patterns in those with known musculoskeletal pain. Then he did some manual work to release my occipital muscles (right at the point where your neck reaches your skull), he retested my movements, and then did manual work in my lats. After the manual work, he made me breathe.

But this was no ordinary breathing exercise.

Due to the downward rotation in my right shoulder, the flaring of my left rib cage, and the tightness in my left hip, Connor had me counteract my natural posture and then breathe into a balloon to control and focus on deep exhales and inhales. His theory is that the way I hold myself and move throughout the day creates a breathing pattern where I breathe mostly into one side of my body, causing weakness and disfunction throughout. He proved this by literally holding down my rib cage on one side, making me breathe,  and then showing me how much more difficult it was to do it on the other side.


The picture above shows one technique he used to counteract my natural posture and breathing patterns by “forcing” my breath into areas it wouldn’t naturally go before. It took a lot of work to meet his cues, but I eventually got what he was looking for and could feel for myself how, with practice, I could teach my body to breathe into different areas of my torso.

Another technique he used involved me being on my hands and knees, with one hand propped up on a block to even out the visible imbalance in my shoulders. Again, I had to breathe into a balloon. The elevation of my arm that created a flatness of my back allowed me to breathe into my back equally on both sides, something I clearly am not able to do in my current posture. It felt really good to breathe that way, but was difficult nonetheless. We both knew I had a lot of work left to do and he gave me some great tools and knowledge to take home.

I have such a deep respect for Connor and his practice. I feel that breathing is often overlooked and mistaught as a form of healing. It made so much sense to me that by breathing into my current posture I am just perpetuating the curve in my back which causes that dull pain that’s always there. I know that this is no easy fix, but I’m confident in the exercises he gave me, the effectiveness of his breathing theories, and a newfound awareness of my body and breath.

We were very lucky to have gotten the opportunity to visit Connor and learn from his work and hope to help our own clients at TS Fitness by applying our new knowledge.

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“Client of the Month”- Colette Seger from Client to Coach


Colette first walked into TS Fitness over a year and a half ago with her son Manny. Manny was seeing a physical therapist, Christine Keller, DPT, at our studio for an athletic injury. Colette witnessed how involved and concerned Noam was about Manny’s therapy and realized that there was something unique about the practice at TS Fitness. She enjoyed the energy of the studio and inquired about working out with Noam as a family to get the whole gang on a path to better health. Noam took her up on the idea and the Seger family was soon working out together under his coaching every single week. They quickly became an integral part of the TS community. Each family member made profound progress in such a short amount of time that they decided they needed to focus on their own skills and start training privately with our coaches.

Colette Fam

After about a year and a half of training, Colette became so passionate and involved in her practice that she decided she wanted to get her Personal Trainer Certification. In a slightly timid manner, she approached Noam about the idea. Noam knew right away that she would make an amazing trainer not only because of her fitness level, but also because she’s incredibly kind, personable and has an everlasting desire to learn. For four months they set up weekly study-hours where they would practice and quiz each other on the material. Not only did Colette develop a new understanding for her practice, Noam was also able to brush up on his knowledge and delve more into the nutrition aspect of training.

Needless to say, Colette passed her NASM certification exam, which is no easy task especially considering English is a second language for her.

She is now an assistant coach at TS and has started building her own business by bringing clients into the studio or training them from their homes. She plans to bring her practice and experience to her next destination, Burma, next year.


All of these accomplishments have made it easy to select her as “client of the month” at TS Fitness. She’s a great networker who’s always thinking about ways to help others and get people together. She’s been able to overcome her own health challenges with of her new knowledge and training, and has passed the healthy habits on to her family. That’s why she has not only been a successful trainer, but also an amazing friend and colleague. We will miss her dearly when she departs for her next adventure. The door will always be open for her here at TS for a kick-ass workout.

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