“Client of the Month”- Colette Seger from Client to Coach


Colette first walked into TS Fitness over a year and a half ago with her son Manny. Manny was seeing a physical therapist, Christine Keller, DPT, at our studio for an athletic injury. Colette witnessed how involved and concerned Noam was about Manny’s therapy and realized that there was something unique about the practice at TS Fitness. She enjoyed the energy of the studio and inquired about working out with Noam as a family to get the whole gang on a path to better health. Noam took her up on the idea and the Seger family was soon working out together under his coaching every single week. They quickly became an integral part of the TS community. Each family member made profound progress in such a short amount of time that they decided they needed to focus on their own skills and start training privately with our coaches.

Colette Fam

After about a year and a half of training, Colette became so passionate and involved in her practice that she decided she wanted to get her Personal Trainer Certification. In a slightly timid manner, she approached Noam about the idea. Noam knew right away that she would make an amazing trainer not only because of her fitness level, but also because she’s incredibly kind, personable and has an everlasting desire to learn. For four months they set up weekly study-hours where they would practice and quiz each other on the material. Not only did Colette develop a new understanding for her practice, Noam was also able to brush up on his knowledge and delve more into the nutrition aspect of training.

Needless to say, Colette passed her NASM certification exam, which is no easy task especially considering English is a second language for her.

She is now an assistant coach at TS and has started building her own business by bringing clients into the studio or training them from their homes. She plans to bring her practice and experience to her next destination, Burma, next year.


All of these accomplishments have made it easy to select her as “client of the month” at TS Fitness. She’s a great networker who’s always thinking about ways to help others and get people together. She’s been able to overcome her own health challenges with of her new knowledge and training, and has passed the healthy habits on to her family. That’s why she has not only been a successful trainer, but also an amazing friend and colleague. We will miss her dearly when she departs for her next adventure. The door will always be open for her here at TS for a kick-ass workout.


About TS Fitness

Noam is the owner of TS Fitness, a fitness studio located in midtown Manhattan that offers top notch private and semi-private coaching to an array of clientele. Combining a Masters degree from New York University and more then a decade of providing fitness coaching Noam, has been using his knowledge and experiences to help people find a healthier and happier lifestyle with an emphasis on providing fitness solutions that meet the highest standards.
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