March’s Client of the Month: John Lyle in TS Fitness Style

The first time I metnoam_john John Lyle was at Crunch on 59th street & 2nd Avenue in 2002.  More than 13 years later he is still working with me at my own fitness studio TS Fitness, about half a block from where we first met.   John and I quickly connected and found we had a lot in common aside from having a love for fitness.  His southern humor always made me laugh.  Our workouts were intense but John would always find a way to get some good jokes in while gasping for air. Knowing each other for so long – we’ve both been there for each other through the ups and downs of life and the pressure and pleasure of owning your own businesses.

John’s a lover of jazz, mexican food and of course fashion.  Born in Mississippi he is the owner of John Lyle Design, a collection of beautifully designed interiors, furniture and accessories.  He has a wonderful show room in the Flatiron District and his office is located in Long Island City.   He has been a great catalyst for getting his fiancé, Edwin, back to the gym and he’s done the same for his assistant, Kory, who used to have chronic back pain and is now a regular at TS Fitness.


With our semi-private coaching sessions John is always welcoming and engaging to all new and current clients.  He definitely gets the atmosphere going and you can find him cooling off by the fan after a heavy set of front squats.  A big thank you to John for being such an amazing part of TS Fitness and congratulations on being our March client of the month!

In health, strength & happiness,

Noam & The TS Fitness Team


About TS Fitness

Noam is the owner of TS Fitness, a fitness studio located in midtown Manhattan that offers top notch private and semi-private coaching to an array of clientele. Combining a Masters degree from New York University and more then a decade of providing fitness coaching Noam, has been using his knowledge and experiences to help people find a healthier and happier lifestyle with an emphasis on providing fitness solutions that meet the highest standards.
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