The TS Difference

Why We Take the Time to Warm Up at TS


If you walk into the average fitness studio or do an at-home workout video, you’ll notice that most of them warm you up with exercises such as jumping jacks, high knees and even sprints.

At TS Fitness we think a warm up should be a little different and we prioritize it just like the workout itself. As a matter of fact, this is the primary reason we don’t let latecomers in five minutes after class has begun. The beginning of the workout is the time to mobilize your joints individually and as groups. We do activation drills to help create a connection between the mind and the body.  We also start each workout with breathing, one of the most efficient and under focused ways to get a great workout, stay strong and minimize injury.

This is because getting your nervous system prepared for exercise is vital. Jumping into quick movements is a shock to your nerves and doesn’t allow your body to get the maximum benefit from exercise. It also increases the chances of injury. Keep in mind; your body is going to feel differently every day. This depends on how you slept, how you’ve been eating, and other daily stressors. Getting yourself mentally prepared for the workout is important as well. After all if you already have a defeatist mindset going in to the workout, you know that you’re not going to perform at your ultimate best.
We have had clients tell us that they feel more confident doing our workouts because of the attention and programming we put in our warm ups.
This all stems down to the coaches who make sure to stay up to date on their fitness education. We use all these important components to give you a fulfilling experience at TS and hopefully teach you some important things along the way.


About TS Fitness

Noam is the owner of TS Fitness, a fitness studio located in midtown Manhattan that offers top notch private and semi-private coaching to an array of clientele. Combining a Masters degree from New York University and more then a decade of providing fitness coaching Noam, has been using his knowledge and experiences to help people find a healthier and happier lifestyle with an emphasis on providing fitness solutions that meet the highest standards.
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