Stretching Independence (SI) Band Part I

Stretching Independence (SI) Band

Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary:

Main Entry: flex·i·ble

Pronunciation: \flek-sə-bəl\

Function: adjective

capable of being flexed : capable of being turned, bowed, or twisted without breaking

Proper stretching with the SI Band can help you maintain youth, strength and flexibility well into advancing age. Regular stretching routines, when done correctly can also have numerous other benefits such as:

  • muscle tension relief
  • better balance and lower injury risk
  • increased elasticity of muscle joints
  • increased range of motion

As we age, our muscles tighten and our range of motion deteriorates. Which means your limbs and joints can’t move as far as they used to, before something breaks and an injury occurs. This can make everyday chores and activities such as walking, lifting, turning, reaching and bending more difficult and stressful on our bodies. A regular stretching program with the SI Band can help lengthen and relax your muscles and make daily living activities easier. Good range of motion can improve agility, which in turn will help stability and balance. Consequently, the occurrence of falls and their related injuries can be reduced.

Stretching also makes us feel good by releasing endorphins, chemicals produced in the brain which relieves pain Endorphins are believed to relieve pain, enhance the immune system, reduce stress, and delay the aging process. Your body rewards you for stretching. Stretching does not require a lot of commitment in terms of time and scheduling. It can be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time, yet it can provide immense benefits to your overall health.

However, improper stretching can cause as many problems as proper stretching solves. If you want to learn how to perform a controlled and proper stretch, the SI (Stretching Independence) Band is the solution for you.

The SI Band is a one of a kind stretching device. Its design allows for a balanced and easily controlled stretching experience. The SI Band was developed to engage the user with ability to measure progress.

Benefits of the SI Band:
• Can be used for an individual, group or partner stretching
• Allows for static, dynamic and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching
• Speeds up client recovery time and enhances athletic performance
• Can be used for isometric and dynamic muscle conditioning

The SI Band Package Includes:

• One SI Band
• Instructional DVD with manual
• Mesh carrying pouch with carabineer for portability.

ONLY $19.99

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