Stretching Independence (SI) Band Part II

As we have grown up, many of our lifestyle choices have contributed to a decline in the natural flexibility we were born with. Things that we often overlook contribute to tightening our muscles. It could be sitting at a desk job all day without proper back support. Or just having having bad posture. In order to minimize the damage and maximize our wellness, we should all understand the value of stretching and its result, flexibility. It’s a myth that only athletes need to stretch. Stretching can benefit people of all ages, and all activity levels.

In the past, stretching was just stretching. There was only one kind and everybody did it before working out, and some also did it after exercise. These days, every aspect of exercise is more scientific and technical, and what used to be simple stretching is not so simple anymore. Luckily, the staff at TS Fitness are hard at work trying to sort out the information and bring you practical advice to help you spend less of your valuable time trying figuring out what to do and more time Flexing 4 Fitness!

Dynamic Stretching

There are many different types of stretching, some very basic, others more advanced. The most common stretches we were taught in the past where you hold your final position, are now classified as static stretches. Dynamic Stretching is when you use speed, movement and momentum to go through exaggerated motions that use the same motions as running, or other activity-specific movements that prepare the body for movement. Unlike static stretching, the final position is not held.

A study showed that active dynamic stretching performed as part of a warm up did not adversely affect muscle elasticity or sprint performance. Dynamic stretching appears to be a superior alternative to static stretching when performed before athletic activities. Arms circles, exaggerated kicking or throwing motion, knee lifts and lunges are examples of basic dynamic stretches. However, that being said, improper stretching can can be dangerous and may cause injuries. If you want a controlled stretching environment to increase safety and effectiveness of your dynamic stretching routines, the Stretching Independence (SI) Band is the solution for you. Along with increased stability during stretching, you can measure your progress. Try it yourself. Your experience is more valuable evidence than what other people tell you.

Muscle Fascia Stretching

But besides gaining flexibility and its associated benefits, stretching can have benefits beyond what many casual exercisers are aware of. Stretching for muscle growth is one of the weight training secrets that top bodybuilders use to maximize their muscle size. Stretching can help you build bigger muscles that are stronger and better shaped. When you finish a set of a pushups or weight lifting exercise, your muscles will be filled with blood. That blood is what transports nutrients to those muscles to provide them the ingredients for growth. Stretching during exercise allows you to increase the blood flow to your muscles. You need to stretch the muscles you are training, between sets.

Another very important thing that mid-exercise stretching does is stretch the fascia around the muscle, making it easier for that muscle to grow larger. The important thing to remember is that you want to start with an easy stretch, and then progress slowly, a little harder with each set. The SI Band allows you to simply adjust your progress according to your individual needs without compromising safety. Remember, however, do not push so hard that you overstretch and injure yourself. You have to use some common sense and stretch the muscle, not tear it. If you incorporate stretching for muscle growth into your workouts between sets, you will experience new and noticeable growth. And with muscle growth comes muscle strength.

Chest Dynamic Stretch Using the SI Band

Benefits of the SI Band:

• Can be used for an individual, group or partner stretching
• Allows for static, dynamic and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching
• Speeds up client recovery time and enhances athletic performance
• Can be used for isometric and dynamic muscle conditioning

The SI Band Package Includes:

• One SI Band
• Instructional DVD with manual
• Mesh carrying pouch with carabineer for portability.

ONLY $19.99

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