Push Your Way Up Peak Fitness


The often ignored Pushup has muscled its way back to the top of the exercise universe.


Pushups are one of the oldest exercises used to improve overall fitness. It is used in military and martial arts training, but is often overlooked in many gyms and homes around the world. You can perform them anywhere at any time and you don’t need equipment or a gym membership. 

In every physical action, some muscles act as the engine and some act as the brakes. If the brakes aren’t strong and durable enough to counterbalance the engine, you’ve got an injury waiting to happen. For example, when a guy comes up with a chronically sore shoulder from bench pressing, the problem is usually that the chest and shoulder muscles are too strong relative to the muscles behind them. So it makes sense that pushups help improve muscular balance, which is important for developing serious strength. And with strength comes muscle size. 

Pushups push the body toward physical exertion. In addition to building strength, they force the heart to work harder and the blood to pump faster. This increases metabolism and helps you burn more calories. The benefit of the pushup is still felt hours after the exercise is done. 

Women typically have less upper body strength than men. While there has been an increase in womens’ weightlifting, many women are not comfortable lifting barbells and heavy dumbbells. Pushups can be the great equalizer.  

Push-ups are one of the most effective exercises for improving total body fitness. It combines cardiovascular and strength training and stretching all in one exercise. Pushups not only build up the facade in front of your physique, but also develops the support system behind those muscles too.

Two variations of pushups that can be easier for beginners are the knee-pushup and the wall-pushup. 





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