Killing Hope: The UnCurable Disease

Killing Hope: The UnCurable Disease

Being diagnosed with a disease or disorder without a cure can be devastating. Without the hope of a possible recovery, one can lose much more than just physical health; the health of their mind and soul. If you or a loved one is in this predicament, there is still hope.

According the US Government, prolonged nutritional deficiencies and oxidative damage cause more deaths to Americans through degenerative diseases than all other causes of death combined. Degenerative, or chronic diseases are not curable, but are preventable for most people, able to be stopped in others, and even reversible for some people. Yes, a disease can be reversible but not curable.

If the root cause of a disease or illness is something from outside our bodies, such as a parasite or poison, then the root cause of the disease is the trigger for the disease or illness. When the trigger is removed or eliminated, then the substance or method used to remove/eliminate the trigger is considered the cure and the body attempts to heal as much of the damage caused by the trigger as possible. It is important to note that usually the cure does not heal the body. The cure eliminates the cause and prevents further damage, but the immune system actually heals the damage. A disease without a cure may be a disease of deterioration, not a disease caused by an external factor. The root cause of the disease may be the body’s inability to heal from wear and tear due to the prolonged lack of nutrients and protection from oxidative damage.

For many people, provided the body has the proper nutrients and properly functioning immune system, depending on how significant the deterioration damage is, the body can heal the damage. In degenerative diseases, there is no cause to be removed. Therefore there is no cure for degenerative diseases. The need for nutrition and protection for our body can never be removed. But we can begin replenishing and maintaining sufficient nutrition and protection to stop and possibly reverse the damage. It is much easier to prevent degeneration than to stop and reverse it, but for some people, the latter may be their only option.

There are many degenerative diseases that have been associated with nutrient deficiencies such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, allergies and arthritis. There are also many infectious diseases that are effectively treated with nutrients. However, the effects of nutrients on the common bacteria and viruses should not be overstated. They are very effective with prevention and effective with treatment, but your body’s ability to fight off infections is also dependent on other factors such as your overall immune strength, how lethal the parasite/poison is, etc. So far, there has not been enough evidence to call certain nutrients a cure, although it is a very effective treatment against a variety of infectious diseases. And in some cases, reversing “uncurable” diseases into remission.

Remember that association does not mean causation. If A is associated with B, then A could cause B, B could cause A, or a third factor(s), C, perhaps could cause both A and B. “Could” and “Perhaps” being the key words. Remember, most of the serious errors in psychiatry and medicine are made when associations are confused with causation; or when subsequence is confused with consequence; or when facts are confused with theory.

Considering the results of the research done on the mind-body connection and the power of hope and positive thinking, nothing can be crueler or damaging than to tell someone they are hopeless. To kill their hope is to kill their motivation to fight and live to see another day. As evidenced by many wars and battles fought throughout history, loss in moral is a recipe for defeat. We must never extinguish the light in our souls. For history has given us countless examples of how the seemingly impossible turned out to be possible. People have recovered from terminal illnesses that were thought to be hopeless. People have overcome death sentences and defied seemingly impossible odds. The power of human will and motivation can not be understated. As long as we have hope, we still have life. So don’t forget that even so called “uncurable” or degenerative diseases can have solutions. We just can’t call them “cures” because of semantics and politics. We will never be able to find a permanent cure for our need for adequate nutrition, exercise and protection from oxidative damage.

Remember that even degenerative, or chronic diseases are not curable, but are preventable for most people, able to be stopped in others, and even reversible for some people. Most importantly, the loss of hope is preventable in most people, able to be stopped in others, and completely reversible for some people.


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