Grapefruit Cleanse

The Grapefruit Cleanse


Grapefruits are very rich in vitamin C which helps support your immune system. Vitamin C rich food sources can help protect you from colds and lessen the severity. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that helps the body prevent damage from free radicals in your body.


The rich pink and red colors in grapefruit are produced by another antioxidant called lycopene that fight free radicals that can damage our cells.

Total Antioxidant Capacity

Grapefruit juice was ranked among the highest in total antioxidant capacity in a study done in Glasgow, Germany comparing 13 commonly available fruit juices.


Phytonutrients in grapefruit called limonoids prevent tumor formation by promoting the formation of glutathione-S-transferase, a detoxifying enzyme. Glutathione is a potent enzyme our bodies uses to detoxify itself. This enzyme sparks a reaction in the liver that helps to make toxic compounds more water soluble for excretion from the body.

Limonin’s bioavailability and persistence may help explain why citrus limonoids are potent anti-carcinogens that may prevent cancerous cells from proliferating. Other natural anti-carcinogens are available for much less time; for example, the phenols in green tea and chocolate remain active in the body for just 4 to 6 hours. Traces of limonin can still be present 24 hours after consumption.

Lower Bad Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Both blond and red grapefruit can reduce blood levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and red grapefruit lowers triglycerides as well, shows a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Israeli researchers from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem first tested the antioxidant potential of blond and red grapefruits and then their cholesterol-lowering potential in humans. The test tube research showed that red grapefruit contains more bioactive compounds and total polyphenols than blond, but both grapefruits are comparable in their content of fiber, phenolic and ascorbic acids, and the flavonoid, naringinen, although red grapefruit contains slightly more flavonoids and anthocyanins.

Prevent Kidney Stones

Want to reduce your risk of calcium oxalate kidney stones? Drink grapefruit juice. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that when women drank ½ to 1 liter of grapefruit, apple or orange juice daily, their urinary pH value and citric acid excretion increased, significantly dropping their risk of forming calcium oxalate stones.

Liver Detox

Grapefruit juice also significantly increases the production and activity of liver detoxification enzymes responsible for preparing toxic compounds for elimination from the body.


Check with your healthcare practitioner about consuming grapefruit juice if you’re taking pharmaceutical drugs. Certain pharmaceutical drugs combined with grapefruit juice become more potent.


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